Z.P ENTERPRISES  follows the international rules and processes for hiring applicants for the Employer. The documents required by our company from our clients for processing of manpower demands from Pakistan, are as follows:​

  • Power of Attorney on Company’s Letter Pad
  • Demand Letter on Company’s Letter Pad
  • Letter addressed by Embassy/Consulate of the host country in Pakistan authorizing our company to obtain endorsement of Visas for the selected applicants.
  • Visa slip/Visa No/Visa in the name of selected applicants. 

Note: The above documents should be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Pakistan in the country of Employment. After the completion and receipt of legal documents from our valued clients, we proceed further for Best applicants to be hired which are as follows:


  • Advertising: All the vacancies are advertised to have a sufficient and adequate numbers of applications so that best quality of workers may be selected.
  • Pre-selection test/Interviews: The applications received are short-listed for eliminating the applications which do not meet the minimum requirement, technical knowledge and physical requirements. The applicants qualifying the basic requirements are then called for interview which is conducted either by a panel of expert including an applicant reading the psychological aspect of the worker and his personality, or by our client or by their representative.
  • Trade Test: Each selected applicant is then required to have trade test from a reputable and reliable trade test institution of international standard; may be nominated or not nominated by our valued clients. Or he is tested in our own trade test workshop meant for testing ordinary technicians. To ensure the highest quality of workers, their knowledge about the equipment’s, manipulation of tools, small load handing and practical knowledge about the trade is specifically tested. All the selected applicants are required to submit their qualification and experience certificates to make these a part of their personal files.
  • Medical Fitness: It is ensured that each selected applicant who is proceeding for employment is medically and physically fit in all respects.
  • Knowledge of Basic Safety & Health Regulations: The selected applicants are also evaluated whether they understand the basic safety and health regulations or not. If not, then they are given special instructions.
  • Other Legal Formalities: After their final selection and medical fitness, the other legal formalities regarding endorsement of Visa, Protector of Emigrants’ clearance, Air ticketing etc., are completed.
  • Departure: After completion of documentation, the employer is duly intimated through Fax or on Phone about the departure of the selected applicants or part of it mentioning date, time and flight No. etc.
  • Time Schedule: It takes from ten to twenty days to complete the process if the demand of manpower is less than one hundred applicants. If a group is big one, then we can make special arrangements to dispatch the selected applicants within the minimum and shortest possible time in light of departure/time schedule provided by our valued clients.