Zain Aslam Paracha (Director)

 Z.P Enterprises  is proud of its 10 years of big history and diverse experience across various employers in Qatar,Kuwait,Oman,U.A.E and Saudi Arabia. We are working with dedication for the manpower recruiting since 2002 and running a successful business with honesty, dignity, trust, belief, and passion. We provide all kind of support services to employees and employers in terms of better workplace, selection, trade test, visa stamping, medical checkups, immigration formalities, briefing of finally selected candidates which are interviewed properly by the experienced professionals under the supervision of chairman. The best performance of the company is attracting the Asian employers and it is increasing unexpectedly. We are united and work will full zeal and dedication and provide the right employee for employers after going through all the required processes. Our work is increasing everyday on the basis of our efforts and cooperation and coordination with employers. We double check and make sure to provide the most best and right candidate to the employer and for this, we held initial interviews, medical checkups, visa stamp, final interviews and all that what is required by the employer. We are serving the employees of  Qatar,Kuwait,Oman,U.A.E and Saudi Arabia.surroundings.